What is media facade?

Media facade is the interactive surface of the architecture. We focus on the production of dynamic LED lighting to create the media fronts. These are long-life grid, screen or tube-shaped devices with high performance, and small pixel-sizes. Its versatility in installation and high stability improves the visual appearance significantly and makes it easy to integrate the lighting elements with the details of the building. We developed complete solutions right from the beginning of the project, together with architects and lighting designers, bringing facade media installation fully integrated with the technical design of the building.

Facade media has given architecture field a new direction. The video outer layer becomes the “voice” representing the identity of the owner of the building. Thanks to this layer, the appearance of the building becomes more miraculous with wavy animation around the walls in the facade.



What is the protection index (IP) of LEDs manufactured by MF?

Protection index is IP67.

Can the product work in extremely cold or extremely hot weather?

Yes. We have successfully installed works in areas with such weather conditions. And we are willing to present a report of testing the performance of pixel LEDs at +65°C and -50°C

Can pixel LEDs show video effects?

Yes. Even large pixel-spaced LED grids can also stream video smoothly. Large pixel spacing requires the viewer to stay at a distance far enough to view the complete video. LED pixel density can be easily adjusted by using MF pixels. High resolution areas with multiple pixels and lower resolution areas can be incorporated into a media facade.

Can the whole building become a screen?

Yes. Media Facade products can be of any size according to your needs. Skyscrapers, stadiums, headquarters, theater stages, and landmarks can all turn into magic screens thanks to pixel LEDs. MF’s pixel LEDs can be installed on the building front, on separate walls, and even on 3D objects of all sizes.

How do these products work in cities with high UV levels?

MF’s LEDs are specially designed for outdoor use. The materials of the product are UV resistant and do not react with chemicals. Even conductor cables are made of materials that have UV-resistant components. Therefore, the pixels are not affected by air pollution and UV rays. The pixel LEDs will not be hardened, stained, or damaged over time.

How is the LED system controlled?

By a control system manufactured MF production. Online control: The system is connected to a computer, using the MF program to control all the effects of the media front. Offline control: The system is connected to the memory card reader. The LEDs receive commands from an SD memory card that stores some of the effects.

What is the cost of media facade?

Depending on the amount of pixel LEDs. After calculating the distance observed, the effects expected by the customer (video advertising, simple animation, or just showing texts), MF will offer advice on product type, pixel distance, installation method and necessary energy solution. Based on these criteria, we will give you the corresponding price for your project.