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x2x, p91, 7g5, cdx, d9, e, rm, AMF Vietnam

Wall Washer


MONA -18&24



New solution to illuminate large architectures, requiring high brightness. Aluminum frame supported by adjustable angle. Optional RGB light or brilliant white light from 2700-6500K. Optional body length from 300mm to 1500mm. Can be controlled by DMX 512 system, easy to install. IP66 is suitable for a wide range of wall, direct and indirect lighting applications for buildings, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Size & Installation Guide

MONA. Use fixed screws to illuminate the wall and adjust the viewing angle by shifting the base


KARSON. Use fixed screws to illuminate the wall and adjust the viewing angle by shifting the base


iDEAL. Use fixed screws to illuminate the wall and adjust the viewing angle by shifting the base


Product Specification

Model No. MONA-18&24 KARSON-24&36 iDEAL-40RGBW
Operating voltage DC 24V 24V DC/110V ~ 230V AC 24V DC/110V ~ 230V AC
Number of LEDs 18 hoặc 24 SMD 24 hoặc 36 SMD 10 X (RGBW) SMD
Weight of 1 unit M18 (2.1Kg); M24 (2.2Kg) K24 (2.6Kg); K36 (2.8Kg) 3.9Kg
LED intensity M18 (648lm); M24(720lm) K24(672lm); K36 (1008lm) 964lm
Lighting Angle/td>

15°,30°,45°,60° 15°,30°,45°,60° 15°,30°,45°,60°
Power consumption M18 (18W); M24 (24W) K24 (24W); K36 (12W) 40W
Grayscale 12 Bit 12 Bit 12 Bit
Chip Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar
Color Đen / Bạc Đen / Bạc Đen / Bạc
Protection rating IP66 IP66 IP66
Certification CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL
Life 80,000h 80,000h 80,000h
Control system Non controllable DMX DMX