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Vietnam

Lighting Solutions – Small Pixels


S16 – 1

S26 – 3

C36 – 4&6

Compact size LEDs, each pixel can be individually located, low power consumption, high operating life of over 80,000 hours. Many options include LED color (RGB, warm white light, or cold white light); pixel spacing, and different types of lenses (transparent, transparent, opaque). Flexible installation, adaptable to many unusual surfaces. Polycarbonate housing with IP67 protection rating, UV resistant, suitable for outdoor applications (video walls, wall hangings, decorative walls, logos, signage, and any 3D shapes).

Size & Installation Guide

S16. Installation methods: Screws / Connectors by steel cable / Aluminum sheet / Grid structure

 S26. Installation methods: Use screws / Connect by steel cable / Aluminum sheet

 C36. Installation methods: Use screws / Connect by steel cable / Aluminum sheet


Product Specification

Model No. S16-1 S26-3 C36-4&6
Operating voltage DC 5V DC 12V DC 15V hoặc DC 24V
Number of LEDs 1 SMD 3 SMD 4 hoặc 6 SMD
Pixel spacing 30mm – 5000mm 50mm – 5000mm 60mm – 5000mm
Volume 1 unit 8g/pc 20g/pc 35g/pc
LED intensity 3 cd 9 cd 12 hoặc 18 cd
Lighting Angle Dọc 120° Ngang 120° Dọc 120° Ngang 120° Dọc 120° Ngang 120°
Power consumption 0.3W 0.72W 1W hoặc 1.44W
Grayscale 12 Bit 12 Bit 12 Bit
Chip Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar
Shell Color Đen/Trắng/Xám, Màu vỏ PC Đen/Trắng/Xám, Màu vỏ PC Đen/Trắng/Xám, Màu vỏ PC
Protection rating IP67 IP67 IP67
Certification CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL
Life 80,000h 80,000h 80,000h
Control system TTL TTL hoặc DMX TTL hoặc DMX