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hfx, kb4, 7, 17, AMF Vietnam

Lighting Solutions – Great Pixel


C62 – 9&12

C90 – 18&24

C140 – 36

Big Pixel is a super bright, fully customizable solution for creative and demanding media applications for a variety of architectural materials. IP67, UV-resistant and designed to withstand outdoor environmental factors, makes the product a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Many options include LED color (RGB, warm white light, or cold white light); pixel spacing and diffuse diffusion types. Flexible installation, adaptable to many unusual surfaces.

Size & Installation Guide

M1. Use a screw that attaches the metal frame to the surface, placing the LED on the surface


 D33. Use the screws to fix the metal frame to the structure, place the LED on the frame and tighten the screw on the side


 D50. Use the screws to fix the metal frame to the structure, place the LED on the frame and tighten the screw on the side


Product Specification

Model No. C62-9&12 C90-18&24 C140-36
Operating voltage DC 24V DC 24V DC 36V
Number of LEDs/td>

9 hoặc 12 SMD 18 hoặc 24 SMD 36 SMD
Pixel spacing 100mm – 5000mm 150mm – 5000mm 200mm – 5000mm
Volume 1 unit 9g/pc 310g/pc 570g/pc
LED intensity 27 hoặc 36 cd 54 hoặc 72 cd 108 cd
Lighting Angle Vertical 120° Horizontal 120° Vertical 120° Horizontal 120° Vertical 120° Horizontal 120°
Power consumption 1.8W hoặc 2.88W 3.2W hoặc 4.8W 8.6W
Grayscale 12 Bit 12 Bit 12 Bit
Chip Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar
Shell Color Đen/Trắng/Xám, Màu vỏ PC Đen/Trắng/Xám, Màu vỏ PC Đen/Trắng/Xám, Màu vỏ PC
Protection rating IP67 IP67 IP67
Certification CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL
Life 80,000h 80,000h 80,000h
Control system TTL hoặc DMX TTL hoặc DMX TTL hoặc DMX