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lk, si5, 1, j, cs2, l3, cae, yx9, nqa, 0b, yks, k, AMF Vietnam

Facade solution – Curtain


D3 Curtain

D6 Curtain

D12 Curtain

Brightness to operate in daylight, suitable for use in outdoor billboards (monitors, facade media, etc.). Light, flexible shape, transparent, easy to integrate into the screen front. The product can be integrated with architectural façade to display video, as well as complex, vibrant, and colorful images on buildings. The product is designed to be compatible with conventional video formats and is based on outdoor building material standards, with IP67 protection rating and UV protection.

Size & Installation Guide

 D3. Using fixed screws clamped on the steel cable, hook the LED tube into the clamp

D6. Using fixed screws clamped on the steel cable, hook the LED tube into the clamp

D12. Using fixed screws clamped on the steel cable, hook the LED tube into the clamp

Product Specification

Model No. D3 – Curtain D6 – Curtain D12 – Curtain
Operating voltage DC 5V DC 12V DC 15V
Quantity LEDs 3DIP X40/ meter 6DIP X20/meter 12DIP x20/meter
Pixel Distance P25(V)/25(H) mm P50(V)/50(H) mm P100(V)/50(H) mm
Volume of 1 unit P25=11.5Kg/m2 P50=6.3Kg/m2 P100(V)/50(H) = 4Kg/m2
LED intensity P25 >= 8400cd/m2 P50 >= 5000cd/m2 >= 4600cd/m2
Lighting Angle Dọc 60° Ngang 110° Dọc 60° Ngang 110° Dọc 60° Ngang 110°
Power consumption P25<=350W/m2 P50<=270W/m2 P100(V)/50(H) <= 180W/m2
Grayscale 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit
Chip Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar Cree / Nichia / Epistar
Shell Color Nhôm Nhôm Nhôm
Protection rating IP67 IP67 IP67
Certification CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL CE, Rohs, ETL
Life 80,000h 80,000h 80,000h